by Goran Krmac

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'Planetarium' is the name of the new album, as well as the custom-made MIDI foot controller, designed by creative tubist and composer Goran Krmac. The author uses his tuba and live sound manipulation to create orchestral textures on the spot - the music has no pre-recorded bits. Inspired by the work of countless astronomers, space explorers, authors and psychologists, Planetarium is a tribute to humankind's fascination with and exploration of space, both inner and outer. The music, accompanied by short poetry, portrays the mental states experienced by an unnamed crew member of the fictitious Planetarium mission, its aim to find new inhabitable worlds... and perhaps more.


released October 29, 2019

All compositions by Goran Krmac
Voice: Jamie Kind
All music performed live, no backing tracks!
Recorded in Kulturni dom Cerknica on 30 September 2019
Recording engineer: Jure Mihevc
Mastered by: Janez Križaj
Cover art by Milan Erič (V iskanju izgubljenega časa #2, acrylic on canvas, 2018)
Background image credit: NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team
Released by, October 2019


all rights reserved



Goran Krmac Ljubljana, Slovenia

Goran Krmac is a creative tubist and composer, active in jazz, improvised, pop and folk music. With the assistance of Igor Vuk, he has designed and built the 'Planetarium' custom MIDI foot controller and uses it to perform live. In numerous other projects with acclaimed Slovenian and international artists, he features as a bass player and as a big band conductor and arranger. ... more

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Track Name: Uvod / Introduction
It takes thousands, millions of years for the light from faraway stars to reach us.

When we gaze upon the stars, we see the distant past.

What an irony that we should see our future amongst them...

When I say I'm leaving, they keep asking me: What do you hope to find?
Track Name: Slovo / Farewell
Every place I ever set my feet upon,

Every face whose eyes peered into mine,

Every smell of spring and sea,

All of this is about to become banished into my memory.

And I'm going forward, into the unknown.
Track Name: V neznano / Into the Unknown
My consciousness is empty of old stimuli.

It is aware of new ones, untasted ones, soon to reach it.

And it is overjoyed with expectation.
Track Name: Ubežati neizbežnemu / To Avoid the Unavoidable
Our vessel is approaching the Sun at unimaginable speed.

It's supposed to miss the star by just enough for its fierce gravity to sling us around it and propel us out of the Solar System at an even greater speed.

If our calculations are correct, we won't turn into a fireball.
Track Name: Odgovornost / Responsibility
Occasionally, we find ourselves on a collision course with an asteroid that's too small for our long-range sensors to pick up.

Sometimes there's a bunch of them. Avoiding one may very well mean running into another.

The course I punch in could make the difference between life and death of the entire crew.

Each time I have to make the decision, I feel the anxiety taking my breath away and trying to paralyse my arms and legs.

But then I remind myself that the crew trusts me with their life.
Track Name: Saturn
Galileo, Huygens and Cassini could only dream of what you would look like up close.

And if they could see you as I see you now, I suspect any utterance coming from their mouths would sound silly.

Just like myself right now.
Track Name: Praznina / Emptiness
There's endless vacuum out there.

In it, our tin can feels infinitely small.

If we were to leave it, our eyes would briefly experience darkness.

Then life would end.
Track Name: Konflikt
We've suddenly found ourselves facing a difficult choice.

There are two directions, both correct, both entirely different from each other.

None of the choices is better than the other.

But the real choice isn't the direction of our ship. The real choice is the direction of our relationships.
Track Name: Rimska cesta / Milky Way
We've been travelling for years now.

Old memories fade away, the only thing being left in common with the Earth the past.

And no telescope, no dream could ever prepare us for the breathtaking beauty of the Milky Way.
Track Name: Kaj vzameš s seboj? / What Will You Take with You?
We've managed to overcome all conflicts.

We realised that conflict merely came from the beliefs we were taught. But we couldn't hide from conflict.

Just as we couldn't hide from questions such as: Who are we? What am I to you? What are you to me?

Whatever we've been taught doesn't have any significance left now, so far from home.

We have to learn anew.
Track Name: Supernova
Destruction and creation - both parts of the same process.

Transformation from one celestial body to another,

From a dying star to a dwarf, a neutron star or a black hole.

Unthinkable, unstoppable power, ripping you from the inside out and creating you all over again.

That's how I felt one morning when I looked into the mirror and asked myself: Who am I?
Track Name: Svoboda / Freedom
Oh, you little soul.

Just yesterday you were part of me, and today you are on your own way.

Yet I am happy for you, for you have found freedom.
Track Name: Cilj / Destination
Our journey is at an end.

I don't know if my last transmission will ever reach the Earth.

And if it does, I have no idea if there will still be anyone left to hear it.

Let me just say that we have found a new home among the stars.

And most importantly - we have found ourselves.

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